This tip will teach you how to make people tweet about your web site.

Imagine what can happen if you can get a large number off people to tweet about your blog or web site. It will send a lot of web traffic to your site which is exactly what you want.

To do this, is much easier than you think. You need a blog or a web site for this and you just place a link in the blog or web site code where you want the link to appear. It looks just like the link below.

Click this link to tweet about this web site!

When you click on the link above, you will be redirected to the login page at You log in there with your twitter name and your twitter password. When you reach your Twitter home page you can se my tweet message in your update box and you just have to click on the Update button in order to send the tweet.

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Here you will learn to do this on your own blog or website.

The link code for the link above, looks like this:

Your link should look the same with the following exemptions:

  • @xxxx should be your Twitter name. In my case above, @forsgrens.
  • yyyyyy should be your tweet message. In my case above, Do you know how to make a 'tweet this link' on your web site or blog?
  • Link text here! should be the text in your link. In my case above, Click this link to tweet about this web site!

If you want the Twitter login page to open in a new window like it does when you click at the link below:

Click this link to tweet about this web site!

The trick is to add the text: target="_blank" after yyyyyy" and before >Link text here! in the link described above like I show you in the image below.

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